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The Honey Company 5 Inch Rosewood Honey Dipper


The Honey Company™ Honey Dipper is an excellent quality Rosewood (Sheesham)Honey Dipper that is 5″ (5 inch) long. The Honey Dippers have been seasoned with Olive Oil.


The Honey Company™ Honey Dipper when used correctly, helps you avoid leaving honey trails on the edge of jars and cups.

Using a honey dipper saves water from having to wash a fresh teaspoon every time you use honey. A honey dipper is to be placed back in the jar.

The Honey Company™ honey dipper is an excellent quality Rosewood (Sheesham) Honey Dipper that is 5″ (5 inch) long. The honey dippers have been seasoned with Olive Oil.

Each Honey Company™ honey dipper will vary slightly from the picture shown, due to the uniqueness of the wood grain in each piece.

CARE: A honey dipper when treated with care is a lifetime utensil.
Cleaning the dipper: When you receive the honey dipper and before you use it, rinse the dipper in warm water, wipe off the water with cloth and ensure there is no moisture in the grooves. Keep aside to dry in a sunny spot or under the fan for 48 hours or until it is completely dry. Put it into your honey jar and keep it there.

If your dipper becomes dirty with food, do not to put the dirty dipper into your jar of honey. Follow the washing and drying instruction given.

USE: Honey dippers are only used to drizzle honey. When you need honey, pull the dipper out of the honey, hold it at a slightly upward tilted angle and twirl it to trap the honey that is about to drip from it. Take it over to your cup, toast or salad and let the honey drip into/onto it. Once done, twirl it again and take the dipper back and place it back into the jar.

DO’s & DON’Ts:
1. Do not use it to stir any beverage.
2. Do not touch it to any food.
3. Do not lick it.
4. Do not wash it unless you have absentmindedly used it for 1, 2 and 3.


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