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Join us on our journey in discovering India

  • Nature's Finest Nectar

  • Pure, Unprocessed, Real

  • Health in Every Drop

  • Supporting Sustainable Beekeeping

Directly from the Lush Forests and Farms of India to Your Table!

Welcome to The Honey Company

Nature's Sweetness, Preserved and Delivered

Discover The Honey Company's diverse range of raw, unprocessed honeys, sourced from the unique landscapes of India. Experience the true essence of nature with every spoonful.

Why Choose The Honey Company?

  • Authentic, Raw Honey

    Savor over 23 varieties of raw honey, each with its unique flavor profile, straight from the diverse geography of India.

  • Sustainable Practices

    Supporting traditional tribal honey extractors and local beekeepers, we champion eco-friendly and ethical honey extraction.

  • Health and Purity

    Our honey retains all its natural nutrients, free from high fructose corn syrup and over-processing.

  • Diverse Range

    From Black Wild Forest Honey to Honey Gulkand, our collection caters to all palates and needs.

Our Bestsellers

Explore Our Favorites - Handpicked Honey Bestsellers Just for You!


Delightful Experience

I absolutely love the taste and quality of the Honey Gulkand from The Honey Company. The combination of damask rose petals and raw honey is amazing, possibly because it is sun-cooked. This is my second purchase, and it's been a delightful alternative to regular jams for my family. It's clear that a lot of care goes into each product and the price reflects its premium quality. Not to forget the thoughtful gesture of a personally signed thank you note. Don't think twice, I would highly recommend this especially to beat the heat of summer.

Vinod Kumar

Pure Quality

The Mustard honey from The Honey Company is truly an unusual experience. Its thickness and unique sweetness might surprise you at first, making you think it's sugar, but it's not. The natural, unmodified quality is evident, because this honey is alive and reacts to warm weather and needs to be stored in the fridge. What sets this company apart is the personalized guidance they provide to help you truly understand and appreciate their honey. This honey comes with storage instructions. We use it as a spread as the consistency is that of ghee. I highly recommend this honey without any second thoughts.

Nirav Shah

Impressive Flavor

I recently tried Black Wild Forest Raw Honey and was truly impressed. Its rich, natural taste is unlike any other honey I've had. You can really tell it's pure and unprocessed. It's perfect for my morning chai and adds a lovely flavor to my breakfast. Definitely a must-try for honey lovers!


Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Discover how we maintain the highest standards of purity and eco-friendliness in our processes.