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Dessert Toppings

A light drizzle of The Honey Company™ raw honey varietals on your favourite dessert will lift it up a few notches higher.

You can either drizzle, lightly coat or blend the raw honey. You can combine the honey with nuts, dry fruits or fresh fruits and spices to make toppings. It can serve as cake or sweet soak when you make honey syrup. You could make honey toppings and sauces which require *cooking, and will result in a decadent dessert.

The ‘go to’ honeys as dessert toppings in the order of suitability are:
1. Acacia Raw Honey
2. Clover Raw Honey
3. Lychee Raw honey
4. Black Wild Forest Honey

You can choose from among the other varietals for which you may need to experiment first. To be absolutely certain, you can try The Honey Company™ Miniature Collection 2020 to help you make a decision. This Collection has 55gram jars of The Honey Company™ raw honey.

* Cooking honey destroys its nutrients and if consumed regularly in that manner, is not good for health.