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Baking & Cooking with Raw Honey

Photo Courtesy Jennie Brown

You must have heard this many times before; subjecting honey to heat and consuming it is dangerous.

Is heating honey bad?

Is cooking with honey bad?

Is heating honey toxic?

Here’s the truth. It is not going kill you if you consume food cooked using heat, with honey in it. But it is important not to make a habit of it.

Firstly, consuming honey that is heated, has zero health benefits because you have killed all the wonderful goodness of honey. It basically becomes restricted to serving as a sweetener.

Secondly, when honey is heated, it’s chemical composition shifts from being exceptionally life giving, to becoming deleterious to good health. In Ayurveda, it is said that consuming honey that is treated with heat or mixed with hot food and drink causes ‘Ama’ or accumulation of undigested matter that leads to digestive issues. The chemicals generated by heating honey tend to adhere to mucous linings in the digestive system and obstructs nutrients from food being absorbed by body cells and also obstructs proper discharge of wastes. When that happens disease will inevitably follow.

To repeat, do not make a habit of consuming honey subjected to heat.

On occasion, please enjoy. So here’s the ‘go to’¬† The Honey Company‚ĄĘ Raw Honey varietals in the same order mentioned. These can be used for teas, coffee, baking, glazes for roasts, chutneys, dips and sauces for various cuisines. These honeys will not fail you. They are very light and will complement whatever you are cooking.

1. Acacia Raw Honey
2. Clover Raw Honey
3. Lychee Raw Honey

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