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The All Rounder Honeys

There are a few The Honey Company™ honey varietals that are ‘all rounders’ or very versatile in nature. These honeys are ideal sweeteners with light floral notes. They do not overpower and shout out their presence. They let the key ingredients of dish shine.

The ‘All Rounder’ raw honey varietals: Top of the list is the The Honey Company™ Acacia Honey. You can choose Kashmir Acacia Raw Honey or Acacia Raw Honey. They taste almost the same. This is followed by this writer’s preference of  The Honey Company™ Clover Raw Honey and The Honey Company™ Lychee Raw Honey. Excellent with Green tea or any other type or tea, coffee, juices, milk. You could drizzle it over cereal, porridge, cheese, ice cream, toast, paratas, dosas and so many other dishes. These honey are use in cooking and baking as well.

Honey for Children & Reluctant Adults: When you are introducing honey to children for the first time, these honeys will not let you down. That will be true even with adults who believe that all honey have an earthy taste and scent and have been put off by an experience. We do have those honey varietals as well for the more adventurous consumer or for those who know the benefits and application of the honeys. Do read on why you should not consume heated honey regularly here in our honey guide.