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Cocktails and Mocktails

Cocktail Whiskey
Photo Courtesy Adam Jaime

How to use The Honey Company‚ĄĘ raw honey in cocktails/mocktails

When it is cocktails and mocktails, be prepared to will be spoilt for choice with The Honey Company‚ĄĘ honey varietals.

As pure raw honey may not dissolve easily, considering most cocktails and mocktails are chilled, here are two stages to incorporate raw honey into your drink.
1. Cocktails with Honey syrup: Make a syrup of equal parts of raw honey and warm clean drinking water. Ensure the water is not more than 40 degrees Celsius. Mix well and use. If you have leftover syrup, just refrigerate it and use within a week.
2. Muddle the syrup along with the herbs whatever room temperature ingredients you need to muddle and then add the liquid ingredients and the chilled components.

The range of honeys available at the The Honey Company‚ĄĘ is a playing field for all you cocktail/mocktail fans.

The honey’s you can’t go wrong with are-

Cocktail Mojito
Photo Courtesy Sam Hojati

The Honey Company‚ĄĘ Acacia Raw Honey
The Honey Company‚ĄĘ Clover Raw Honey
The Honey Company‚ĄĘ Lychee Raw Honey

The honey’s you should try other than the above are:
The Honey Company‚ĄĘ Ajwain Raw Honey
The Honey Company‚ĄĘ Karanj Raw Honey
The Honey Company‚ĄĘ Eucalyptus Raw Honey

Be Aventurous
If you want to create your signature flavours for the most popular drinks, or give it that special pop, choose the Eucalyptus, Fennel, Coriander, Black Wild Forest, Mustard, Forest Raw Honey and any of the others, really. You could order The Honey Company‚ĄĘ The Miniature Collection 2020 to experiment. This Collection has 55 gram jars of The Honey Company‚ĄĘ raw honey.

Be prepared to wow your friends with your Honey Whiskey, Cosmopolitan, Mojito or whatever, really.