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Black Wild Forest Raw Honey + Sidr Raw Honey

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COMBO 1 – 10% Sale Discount

Black Wild Forest Raw Honey 350GMS
Sidr Raw Honey 350GMS

MRP: ₹850.00    Sale Price ₹765.00


COMBO 2 – 15% Sale Discount

Black Wild Forest Raw Honey 550GMS
Sidr Raw Honey 550GMS

MRP: ₹1310.00    Sale Price ₹1114.00

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1 review for Black Wild Forest Raw Honey + Sidr Raw Honey

  1. bharathtdppt (verified owner)

    Endearment of an experience it was to try this healthy combo. The taste of both were exceptional as they both flavours were rich in texture, sweet and robust. One can know that the honey is pure and natural, without any artificial additives. This particular combo which is my favourite sets it apart from regular honey varieties as it helps one to develop immunity. The quality of both the honey are outstanding as both are thick and luscious, with a smooth consistency that spreads easily. The packaging is simple yet elegant. The honey comes in a sturdy glass jar that preserves its freshness and allows you to see the beautiful colour.

    Overall, I highly recommend this combo as it offers a taste experience that is unmatched by regular honey varieties, thanks to its wild origin and quality. Whether one is using it as a sweetener, spreading it on toast, or adding it to your favorite recipes, this honey is a delicious and wholesome choice. It’s natural goodness and unique flavor make it a standout product combo.

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