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Nigella Raw Honey


The Honey Company’s Nigella Raw Honey, also known as Black Seed or Kalonji Honey, is a premium dark amber honey with a warm, smoky, and slightly bitter taste, ideal for culinary and medicinal uses.

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Origin and Quality

The Honey Company’s Nigella Raw Honey, also known as Black Seed or Kalonji honey, is a unique and flavorful treasure, sourced from apiaries in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Haryana. Its dark amber color, warm, smoky aroma, and nutty taste with a subtle bitterness reflect the Nigella Sativa (black cumin) blossoms upon which the bees feed. This raw, unprocessed honey retains its full spectrum of nutrients, enzymes, and beneficial properties.

The Flavor of Nigella Honey

  • Color: Dark amber
  • Taste: Warm, smoky, and nutty with a lingering, slightly bitter aftertaste.
  • Uniqueness: Flavor profile reflects the Nigella Sativa blossoms, offering a distinct experience.

Potential Benefits of Nigella Raw Honey

  • Cardiovascular Health: Nigella Raw Honey is beneficial for cardiovascular health due to its ability to lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol.
  • Digestive Aid: It is useful in promoting liver health and preventing stomach ulcers.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: Contains phytonutrients that provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, making it suitable for reducing inflammation in various bodily systems.
  • Antioxidant Rich: Its rich antioxidant content helps protect body cells from oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals.
  • Energy Boosting: Acts as a natural energizer due to its high carbohydrate content, making it a staple for active individuals.

Culinary Uses

Nigella Raw Honey’s robust flavor makes it a perfect sweetener for bold teas and as a drizzle over hearty desserts. Its unique taste profile complements spicy and savory dishes well.

How to Use

  • Enjoy Nigella Raw Honey in its natural crystallized form or gently warm it to soften. It is perfect for daily use as a healthier alternative to sugar in tea, coffee, and baking recipes.
  • As a dietary supplement, incorporate it into your meals to harness its full health benefits, especially for enhancing immune function and combating inflammation.

Understanding Raw Honey

  • Unprocessed: Extracted directly from the hive, strained for debris, but otherwise unheated and unfiltered.
  • Crystallization: A natural process depending on honey’s composition. Soften crystallized Nigella honey by placing the jar in warm water.
  • Purity: May contain tiny pollen and honeycomb bits, a sign of authentic raw honey.


  • How should I consume Nigella Raw Honey? For maximum benefit, enjoy a spoonful on its own or dissolve in lukewarm (not hot) beverages.
  • Is it safe for everyone? Yes. If you have any underlying health conditions, consult your doctor before consuming this honey.
  • Can I use it in cooking? Yes, the robust flavor profile pairs well with savory dishes or for adding unique notes to desserts.

Storage Advice

Store in a cool, dark place to preserve its natural enzymes and nutrients. Avoid refrigeration and direct heat to maintain its raw qualities.


  • Diabetic Advice: Consult your doctor for personalized guidance on including honey in your diet.
  • Allergies: If allergic to honey, pollen, or black seed, consult an allergist.
  • Infant Safety: Not suitable for children under 12 months of age.

By integrating Nigella Raw Honey into your diet, you can enjoy not only its delightful flavor but also its multitude of health benefits. Whether you are looking to improve your health naturally or seeking a gourmet addition to your pantry, Nigella Raw Honey is an exceptional choice. Explore more about this natural wonder and other honey varietals offered by The Honey Company by visiting their website.

Nigella Raw Honey is more than just a sweetener; it’s a health-enhancing addition to any lifestyle, backed by both traditional uses and modern science​.

Disclaimer:  Nigella Raw Honey offers potential health benefits, but it’s not a substitute for medical advice. Consult your doctor if you have health conditions or concerns.


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