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Dark Honey vs Light Honey

Honey Dark to light

Look at the picture above. I could have put in more pictures to show you at least 4 more distinct colours. One of the joys of working with honey is to stare in amazement at the colours of the honey in their glass jars, when the sunlight filters through them.

Colours of Raw Honey

If you are familiar with different varieties of Raw Honey, you will note that the colour of raw honey can range from the colour of water, white honey, light golden amber, orangey amber, reddish amber, brown, medium brown, dark brown and finally almost black. The colour of raw honey is dependent on the floral source. And in the case of trees that flower throughout the year, the colour of the honey would vary depending the season the nectar was collected by the bee. The presence of pollen, weather conditions and age of honey. Acacia honey starts off as the colour of water and over time turns light golden amber. Clover honey ranges from a  golden amber to orangey amber, Neem honey is a dark brown, Tulsi honey is a golden brown, Black Forest honey a very dark brown, one might say it is almost black. Our Meadow honey is reddish amber.

Flavours of Raw Honey

Lighter raw honey varietals generally speaking have simple, light and delicate flavours. Acacia is mild, light floral with hints of vanilla. As the honey grows darker the flavour profile becomes more complex.

Which Honey is more Beneficial to Health?

The darker honeys tend to have a higher concentration of  minerals and higher antioxidant levels that include enzymes, flavonoids and phenolic acids, that fight free radicals.

Lighter honeys have a lower concentration of the above.



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