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Little Bee vs. Stingless Bee

Little Bee and Stingless Bee

There prevails a basic misunderstanding of Little Bee Honey and Stingless Bee Honey. Little Bee Honey is being sold as Stingless Bee honey and vice versa or the names are being used interchangeably.

If you are among those who don’t know the difference, there is no shame in that. We all start off not knowing. 🙂

The only two similarities between Little Bee and Stingless Bee are-
1. They are both honey bees.
2. Their honey is preferred by ayurvedic practitioners and is considered medicinal honey.

The Little Bee is Apis florea
1. They are the tiniest of all Indian bees.
2. Each hive is a single vertical comb.
3. They build small vertical combs in bushes, caves, buildings.
4. They cannot be reared as they change places frequently.
5. They yield about 500gms of honey per hive per year. The retail pricing of genuine raw Little Bee honey will range anywhere between Rs.1300/- to Rs.1800/- per kilo.

The Stingless Bee is Melipona irridipennis
1. Stingless Bees are also called Dammer Bees.
2. Stingless Bees make irregular combs of resin in tree hollows or crevices.
3. They are reared mainly for their significance in pollination of food crops, and also for their honey which is in demand by ayurveda practitioners. That and the low yield of honey would explain its high price.
4. Stingless Bees have stings that are really tiny, therefore biting the threat is more effective.
5. They yield just about 100gms of honey per hive per year and considering there is high demand for this honey is also one of the most expensive raw honey varietals in India. The retail pricing of genuine raw Stingless Bee honey can range any where between Rs.3800/- to 4200/- per kilo.

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