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Little Bee vs. Stingless Bee

Little Bee and Stingless Bee

The world of honey is vast and varied, often leading to confusion among enthusiasts and consumers alike. A common mix-up occurs between Little Bee Honey and Stingless Bee Honey, with some using the terms interchangeably. If you find yourself unsure about the differences, you’re not alone, and there’s certainly no shame in learning.

Understanding the Basics: Little Bee and Stingless Bee

At their core, Little Bees and Stingless Bees share a couple of key similarities:

  1. Both species fall under the category of honey bees.
  2. Their honey is preferred by ayurvedic practitioners and is valued for its health-enhancing properties.

Diving Deeper: The Little Bee (Apis florea)

Size: The smallest of all Indian bees, making their hives uniquely compact.

Hive Structure: Typically construct single vertical combs in bushes, caves, and even buildings.

Nomadic Nature: Known for frequently changing locations, making them challenging to rear domestically.

Annual Yield: Approximately 500 grams of honey per hive, with genuine raw Little Bee honey pricing ranging from Rs.1300/- to Rs.1800/- per kilo.

Exploring Further: The Stingless Bee (Melipona irridipennis)

Aliases: Also known as Dammer Bees.

Hive Construction: Create irregular combs using resin within tree hollows or crevices.

Pollination & Honey: Valued for their role in pollinating food crops and producing honey rich in natural health benefits, albeit in smaller quantities.

Defense Mechanism: Possess tiny stings, preferring to bite threats as a more effective defense.

Scarce Yield: Produces about 100 grams of honey per hive annually, making it one of the most expensive raw honey varietals in India, priced between Rs.3800/- to Rs.4200/- per kilo.

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