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Delicious Raw Mustard Honey- Spread, Sauce or Simple Honey?

Mustard Flowers

Raw Mustard Honey JarDue to a lack of familiarity with raw Mustard honey, there is lot of confusion about what raw Mustard honey is. We know this through first hand experience with customers on Amazon. One of whom said “…70% wax and 30% honey.” This is with reference to the fact that owing to the long journey to his/her destination, the originally crystallised honey had dissolved a bit creating two distinct layers of solid honey at the bottom and liquid honey at the top. We really wanted to reach out to him/her and help educate him/her. But, alas, Amazon in India does not share contact numbers. And emails, these days I guess are rarely checked. So, yes, we are stuck with reviews that are uninformed and damaging to us in reaching out to new customers. Therefore, this blog post, a constructive venting out, you may call it. 🙂

First what Raw Mustard Honey isn’t

  1. Raw Mustard Honey is NOT Honey Mustard. Honey Mustard is a sauce made of Mustard paste, Mayonnaise, Vinegar/Lemon Juice and Honey and is used as a dipping/dressing sauce.
  2. Raw Mustard Honey does not look like regular ‘liquid’ honey. This is means it isn’t fluid unless in a warm environment or if it has been  heated.
  3. Raw Mustard Honey is not made from Mustard seeds.

What is raw Mustard Honey?

  1. Raw Mustard Honey is honey made by honey bees from the nectar of Mustard flowers.
  2. Raw Mustard Honey when extracted from the comb is a light amber coloured honey that is strained of comb debris almost immediately, as it tends to crystallise very quickly.
  3. Raw Mustard Honey is high in natural glucose and therefore is normally in semi or fully crystallised state. Read more on Crystallised Honey. What’s the deal really?
  4. The raw honey crystallises to a white/off white colour.
  5. The consistency of the crystallised raw Mustard Honey is thick and soft like solid ghee.
  6. The raw Mustard honey tastes sweeter than most honey varietals. The flavour is rich and sharp.
  7. Raw Mustard Honey has higher moisture content and that combined with the enzymes and yeast present in the honey reacts to warm environments. To keep it dormant, it is advisable to refrigerate the raw Mustard Honey. Else, during very warm weather the raw honey may froth and rise until the glass jar cracks and then spill over.

Health Benefits of Raw Mustard Honey

  1. Is known to aid digestion and help speed up metabolism.
  2. Is known to regulate blood pressure.
  3. Is known to help regulate thyroid function.
  4. Aids in regulating bowel movement i.e. relieves constipation. (NOTE: Another excellent solution is Honey Gulkand made from Damask Rose petals and Rosewood raw honey brought together in a fragrant and delicious concoction under the sun for 30 days).
  5. Excellent honey for health of your skin. Apply thinly on your skin and wash off with luke warm water after 20 minutes. Pat dry and let the skin rest without any product application for the rest of the day.

How to Consume Raw Mustard Honey

  1. Use a butter knife to scoop and spread the honey on warm parathas or toast.
  2. Use the honey as a sweetener in Smoothies, Juices, Shakes and Cereal.
  3. Consume a teaspoonful as is, before your exercise routine.
  4. Use the honey to make Honey Butter, Fruit and Nut Energy Balls, Honey Mustard, Salad Dressing, Coleslaw.

To benefit fully from raw honey please avoid heating the honey or mixing the honey into hot beverages or food.

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NOTE: The Honey Company® DOES NOT deal with processed honey or infusions.


Mustard Flowers Photo Credit: Akshay Patial on Unsplash

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