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honey for health

Honey Dark to light

Dark Honey vs Light Honey

Look at the picture above. I could have put in more pictures to show you at least 4 more distinct colours. One of the joys of working with honey is to stare in amazement at the colours of the honey in their glass jars, when the sunlight filters through them. Colours of Raw Honey If you are familiar with different varieties of Raw Honey, you will note that the colour of raw honey can range from the colour of water, white honey, light golden amber, orangey amber, reddish amber, brown,… Read More »Dark Honey vs Light Honey

Mustard Flowers

Delicious Raw Mustard Honey- Spread, Sauce or Simple Honey?

Due to a lack of familiarity with raw Mustard honey, there is lot of confusion about what raw Mustard honey is. We know this through first hand experience with customers on Amazon. One of whom said “…70% wax and 30% honey.” This is with reference to the fact that owing to the long journey to his/her destination, the originally crystallised honey had dissolved a bit creating two distinct layers of solid honey at the bottom and liquid honey at the top. We really wanted to reach out to him/her and… Read More »Delicious Raw Mustard Honey- Spread, Sauce or Simple Honey?

Little Bee vs. Stingless Bee

There prevails a basic misunderstanding of Little Bee Honey and Stingless Bee Honey. Little Bee Honey is being sold as Stingless Bee honey and vice versa or the names are being used interchangeably. If you are among those who don’t know the difference, there is no shame in that. We all start off not knowing. 🙂 The only two similarities between Little Bee and Stingless Bee are- 1. They are both honey bees. 2. Their honey is preferred by ayurvedic practitioners and is considered medicinal honey. The Little Bee is… Read More »Little Bee vs. Stingless Bee