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10 fascinating facts about Raw Honeydew Honey

Raw Honeydew Honey

Honeydew Honey, what a lovely name!

Brings to mind, morning dew, sunshine and deep forests.

Raw Honeydew Honey is all of this and more. The Honey Company® raw Honeydew Honey comes from the forests of Lahaul and Spiti valleys in Himachal Pradesh, and also from the forests of Ladakh, Kashmir.

Fascinating Facts about Raw Honeydew Honey

What is Honeydew Honey?

1. Honeydew Honey is made by bees foraging for nectar in forests.

2. During the non-flowering season, honey bees create honey from a non-floral source. How? Before we get to that point we need to back track a bit.

3. There are tiny insects called Aphids that pierce and suck on plant/tree sap. They ingest all the goodness of the sap and secrete out the sugars. These sugars are found glistening on branches and leaves of trees. Glistening golden in the morning sun, these droplets led to the term honeydew.

4. When there is no flowering in the forests, the hungry honey bees collect these droplets before the the honeydew evaporates in the morning sun.

5. They take them to their hives, convert them into honey and use them for the sustenance of the hive until the flowers start blooming again in the forests.

Properties of raw Honeydew Honey

6. Raw Honeydew Honey is usually dark to very dark amber in colour.

7. The flavour of Raw Honeydew Honey is medium sweet, woody, earthy with hints of malt and tanginess.

8. Raw Honeydew Honey crystallises very very slowly due to low natural glucose levels. It may take years to even begin to crystallise.

9. As per research conducted on raw Honeydew Honey the health benefits from this honey is said to be far more than in blossom honey owing to its high antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In addition, it has a higher content of oligosaccharides, trisaccharides, amino acids, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, proteins, minerals and lower content of monosaccharides. Due all of these properties, this raw forest honey is considered medicinal honey.

Health Benefits of Raw Honeydew Honey

10. Raw Honeydew Honey has a higher level of prebiotic properties is therefore recommended in the case of constipation. It is said to inhibit the occurrence of peptic ulcers and gastritis and also effective against the Staphylococcus bacteria. The presence of quinoline alkaloids helps soothes pains. It is also considered excellent to improve memory.

To benefit fully from raw honey PLEASE DO NOT HEAT the honey or mix the honey into hot beverages or food.

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NOTE: The Honey Company® DOES NOT deal with processed honey or infusions.

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